When becoming a mother, each woman has to figure out what she wants for her own pregnancy and birth. Relying on an obstetrician or midwife for full information just doesn't cut it anymore, with fewer practitioners practicing informed consent than ever before. Our babies deserve better from us as they enter the world. Whether it is your first pregnancy or fifth, you owe it to yourself and your baby to know all of your options - and then take full control and responsibility of your choices.

Every Woman is the ultimate authority over her own body and her own baby.

Your Dream Birth Awaits

Are you ready to step into your power and welcome your baby into the world on your terms? If yes, you're ready to work with me as your radical birthkeeper. I will walk alongside you on your journey, providing support, advice, and sisterhood. I will hold space for you as you roar your baby Earthside. You will emerge on the other side of your birth as the matriarch of your family, in total freedom and autonomy. 

Providing birthkeeping services to moms in the Des Moines, IOwa area

Birth Support

Birthkeeping Services

Congratulations! You've just had your empowering, beautiful birth. Now what? Now it's time for a nourished postpartum! I'll be there to help clean your home, make you meals, and teach you basic newborn care while you rest and bond with you newest family member. 

Providing Postpartum services to moms in the Des Moines, IOwa area

Nourished Postpartum

Postpartum Services

I am a radical birthkeeper serving women in the Des Moines, Iowa area and worldwide through online services. I believe in women, and I believe in birth. Women are the ultimate authority in their own pregnancies, birth experiences, and during their motherhood journey. I am committed to walking with women during these sacred and fleeting moments in their lives, forming lifelong friendships and community. You can learn a little more about my journey here.

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