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Hello, I'm Sarah

I have been fascinated with the process of pregnancy and birth for as long as I can remember. I used to sit in health class and be amazed while learning about the human body and the intricate process of conception, the magic and wonder of pregnancy, and the glow of birth. When I had my first child, like many others, I chose to seek care within the institutional obstetric model, with the mindset that “the professionals would handle everything.” What I found instead, was a blatant disrespect for the natural process of birth. I trusted them to be educated and informed, and for me to be a participant in the decision making. Instead, I was met with doctors who thought they knew my body and baby better than I did, and walked away from the experience with trauma.

After my firstborn’s birth was when I really started deep diving into the birth world. I researched tirelessly. I wanted to learn as much as I could get my hands on about obstetrics, midwifery, doulas, and everything in-between. It began a journey that I am still on today, to learn as much as I can about birth, and to support other women. My deepest desire as a birth worker is to encourage women to step into their own innate and authentic power as they navigate their own fire walk. I want to create a community of sisterhood, full of women who trust in themselves, in their bodies, and in their babies.

In May 2020, I signed up to take a professional labor doula training, and I learned so much. It was a truly invaluable experience. The certification process didn’t end up being a good fit for what I was looking for, but the experience catapulted me forward into the direct role of supporting mothers hands-on throughout their birthing process.

In March 2021, I enrolled in Ancient Art Midwifery Institute where I am currently taking classes to become a midwife in my community. I expect to seek out a preceptorship by the end of 2021. 

My goal as a birthkeeper is to help share my knowledge, experience, and training with new mothers who want to make the best decision for their baby or babies. I want to remind mothers to know just how strong and capable they are as they undertake this transformative event in their lives.


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